Nursing Travel Resources

General Information

As you prepare to start your travel nursing assignment, and perhaps visit a new city, check the following web sites that will help you prepare for the adventure ahead.

USA City Link - Information on travel and tourism in the United States - Comprehensive U.S. city guide. Includes information on arts, hotels, events, movies, music, nightlife, restaurants, shopping, sports and recreation. - Weather forecasts for all U.S. cities

State and Local Government - State and Local Government web sites

Travel Nurses Blog - Information on travel nursing blogs and other travel–nursing-related resources

Housing Information

Prior to your departure, your recruiter will discuss housing options with you and make all of your housing arrangements for you. However, should you have friends or family who will be coming for a visit and who will require accommodations, check out this helpful web site: - search for hotels located in your destination city

Travel Information

The airline industry is constantly changing. Click here for a list of things to remember for your travels.


Navigating a new city can be challenging. This web site can assist by providing detailed door-to-door directions: Google Maps

Financial Information -How to manage all your finances and investment, save, and plan for your future

PAYTRUST -Receive, review, pay, and organize all your bills online

General Registered Nursing Information

Keep in touch with the nursing community by visiting these web sites:

State Board of Nursing Information

As a Travel Nurse, your license is your ticket to increased job opportunity and earnings potential.  Fastaff provides a robust set of resources for connecting with each state's board of nursing and is here to assist you in expanding your horizons with additional nurse licensures. To learn more and begin the process of obtaining a new nursing license, check out our Travel Nurse Licensure information.

Specialty Information

Stay on top of the latest developments in your specialty by visiting these web sites:

Fastaff FAQs

Have a question about Fastaff travel nursing assignments or looking for additional nursing travel resources? Click here for our FAQ section.