Ingenovis Health ACT Program

The Ingenovis Health ACT program is a unique initiative available to Fastaff's travelers that provides tools and resources to grow, flourish, and advance in your career. 

Based on real feedback from frontline travelers like you, the creation of the Ingenovis Health ACT program was inspired by our commitment to build a home for healthcare talent.


What is the ACT program?

The ACT program (Advocacy, Career, Tools) was created as a commitment to improve the well-being and career advancement of any clinician in the Ingenovis Health's family of brands which include Trustaff, Fastaff, U.S. Nursing, VISTA Staffing Solutions, HealthCare Support and CardioSolution. It is a collection of tools and resources that focus on personal wellness, service and support, training and development, achievement and recognition, and forward-thinking industry inspiration. 

We are committed to bringing awareness to the challenges facing healthcare providers today, amplifying the voices of the professional community, and inspiring a movement across the entire industry. 

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Resources available to you through the ACT program

In addition to our existing benefits and support, all Fastaff team members are eligible for additional resources through the Ingenovis Health ACT program. These tools are focused on personal wellness and the advancement of your professional career. As we add new tools and resources they will be listed here.  

Resources specific to Fastaff include: 


Operation Happy Nurse:

In support of the well-being of our clinicians, Fastaff announces a new partnership with nurse community website


At Fastaff, we value your unique experience and perspective on your assignment, career and life. We encourage you to share your voice with our team so we can continue to provide an elevated career experience. If you have compliments, questions or concerns about resources provided in the ACT program, please reach out to

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