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The Ultimate Travel Nursing Packing Guide

January 15, 2015

Nothing is more exciting to a travel nurse than heading out to a new assignment. The chance to live in a new city and work with new people is always fun. But what should you pack? And how do you fit multiple weeks into 1 suitcase?

Anticipating what you will need during your multi-week stay isn't always simple – especially if you're venturing out on a new assignment for the first time. That's why we put together this travel nurse packing guide to help you know what you should bring along.

Learn About your Housing Package

Packing is easier when you know what will be provided for you. Talk to your recruiter to determine what amenities are included in company-provided housing. Typical amenities include a bed, dresser, sofa and other basic furniture. Amenities do vary from place to place so it helps to know what will be there before you go. For example, some places provide things like a microwave or shower curtain while other places expect a nurse to bring their own.

In some places, nurses are expected to pack their own linens, towels, utensils, dishes, toiletries and other household items, so be surefast to ask!

Dress for the Weather

Once you choose your next assignment location, consider the season when packing.

Bring enough layers of clothes – T-shirts, blouses, pants, socks, sweaters, jackets and coats – so you can be prepared for both warm and cold temperatures.

Pack shoes appropriate for the weather conditions you will be facing. If you are going somewhere with frequent rain or snow, for example, bring along waterproof footwear with good tread on the soles.

Bring a Taste of Home

Feeling comfortable in your travels is important. You should always bring a few items that remind you of family members and close friends. This can include anything from treasured photographs to special gifts. Also bring along a tablet, iPod or other portable electronic devices to enjoy your favorite movies, books and music. These things help make a new place feel like a home away from home.

Remember the Documentation

Packing is not complete without bringing along all the documents you need to do your job. Always include a copy of your professional services agreement, social security card, professional licenses, copy of birth certificate, phone number of nurse manager and facility, any first day instructions and all other requested documentation.

Putting extra thought into packing will help you remember all the things you need to flourish in your next travel assignment. Need more tips for your first travel nurse assignment? View our complete resource page.

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