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5 Essential Travel Tips for Travel Nurses with Pets

February 14, 2014

If you have ever traveled with a pet, you know the trials and tribulations that come with the territory. Whether you're leaving on a moment's notice or have time to plan, our travel tips for travel nurses with pets will ensure you and your pet make it to your next assignment with ease.

1. Practice RunIf your pet isn’t accustomed to long car rides, taking your cat or dog for several practice drives can help ease their trepidation of being confined to an unfamiliar space for extended periods of time.

Tip: "Carve out" a spot in the care with their blanket or bed if possible. Pets are more comfortable with familiarity and will adjust more readily to a spot that has been designated for them.

2. Plan Hotels AheadThere's nothing like being on the road all day, tired, 20 minutes from where you plan to rest your head for the night and then being denied accommodations because you have a pet in tow. Pets Welcome is a resource travel nurses use to book pet-friendly lodging ahead of time to be sure a room will be waiting when they arrive.

3. Know Airline Rules and RegulationsIf you plan to take your pet aboard a flight, be sure to register your pet when purchasing airline tickets and pay any corresponding pet fees ahead of time. Make sure to research the pet policies your airline has set in place prior to each flight. Even if you fly with your pet regularly, your airline reserves the right to change their pet policy at any given moment. Plan ahead, so you are not surprised the day of your flight.

4. Bring Homeopathic Remedies  Whether you have a pet who is calm, or one that gets easily excited, consider bringing calming homeopathic medicine along “just in case.” Because homeopathic remedies don't carry the same risks of side effects like many OTC medications, they are ideal for many cats and dogs. Bach Flower Essence makes a popular product, Rescue Remedy for Pets that can be easily administered as a preventive or acute measure.

5. Leave EarlyArriving at your new destination early will give you and your pet time to get a lay of the land. If you have a dog, you can take walks; while your cat needs a few days to find their new favorite perch in their new home. Try to ease into the new situation by spending quality time with your pet for a few days, and then slowly venturing out for longer periods of time before leaving for your first full day of work.  

If you have any tried and true tips for traveling with pets, we would love to hear them! Leave your tips in the comments section below.

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