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Five Discrete Workouts & Stretches Nurses Can Perform at Work

December 27, 2018

Fastaff nurses are no strangers to long, exhausting shifts while providing the highest-quality patient care in the industry. While you may be getting some movement while you care for your patients, you may not be moving enough, according research from the American Heart Association. The AHA recommends thirty minutes of cardio at least five times per week for maximum health benefits.

To ensure you’re getting the daily amount of exercise to help lower your risk of heart attack or stroke, try these simple yet effective workouts and stretches. You can do these discreetly at the nurse’s station or when you find yourself with a moment to spare in between administering medications or charting. These exercises and stretches are designed to complement an active lifestyle, so pairing them with a simple walk around the floor a few times a day will add to a healthy routine.

  1. Leg Raises:

    Starting in a seated position, straighten one leg and hold in place for at least 10 seconds, then lower and repeat on the next leg.

  2. Glute Strengtheners:

    Squeeze your buttocks for up to 10 seconds and repeat.

  3. Calf Burners:

    Hold onto something sturdy for support if needed and rise up onto your toes, holding for at least 10 seconds. Repeat until your calves are burning.

  4. Wall Sits:

    Stand against a wall (this one isn’t as discrete), squat to 90 degree angle, hold for a few seconds, then slide back up and repeat.

  5. Chair (or desk) Pushups:

    While seated, push yourself up out of your chair by lifting up off the armrests, float for 10-20 seconds and repeat. This exercise can also be done against a desk (not as discrete) by holding a plank position against the desk and performing a normal pushup.

For even more quick workouts coupled with fun infographics, view this article by the Washington Post.

Share these tips with your travel nursing friends and others in your life who could benefit from a little movement to break up long days.


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