Obtaining Your Oregon License


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17938 SW Upper Boones Ferry Rd.
Portland, OR  97224-7012
TEL:  971-673-0685 FAX:   971-673-0684


Approximate turnaround time: 8-10 weeks

Cost: $195 initial, $145 for renewal

Compact: NO

Link: https://osbn.boardsofnursing.org/orbn

Fingerprints: YES

Temps: NONE



First, create an account on the OSBN Nurse Portal (https://www.oregon.gov/osbn/pages/index.aspx)

Once an application is submitted online, then applicant must arrange for their transcripts to be sent to osbn.transcripts@osbn.oregon.gov

Next, go to Nursys (https://www.nursys.com/NLV/NLVSearch.aspx) and arrange for verification of their original state license (whichever state they were licensed in first) to be sent to the OR BON.

Then, schedule an appointment and have fingerprints taken.  Use only the link and code found here: https://www.oregon.gov/osbn/Pages/fingerprint-requirements.aspx

The application CANNOT BE PROCESSED until the BON has received the transcripts, license verification, fingerprints and application. For any RN’s seeking reactivation of their license after letting it lapse, they will also have to be fingerprinted (use same link and code) and submit their online application. Again, reactivation CANNOT be processed until prints and application have been submitted.

Oregon is currently stating that due to volume, prints are taking about 8 weeks to process. Other than this print processing time, they do not provide any other ETA’s for the timeframe to get the license. So we are looking like a minimum of 8 weeks for license by endorsement or reactivation. THERE IS NO TEMP LICENSE, so we must have the perm before they can start and due to the processing time, we cannot approve with the license pending.

Use the link below to track application status:




All applicants for a new license or reactivation of an expired license must provide fingerprints for a state and federal criminal history record check. On-time renewals (90 days prior to your expiration date, or 30 days after your expiration date) do not require the submission of fingerprinting. Please review your application instructions to see if this is required for your application type; do not assume these requirements do not apply to you. Fingerprint records are not retained or kept on file, and resubmission is required for many application types. 

The Oregon State Board of Nursing contracts with Fieldprint Inc. to collect digital fingerprint images from applicants for the background check.  After submitting an application for licensure, please visit Fieldprint Inc's website to schedule an appointment to have your fingerprints taken and transmitted electronically. Fieldprint Inc offers services nationwide.  Visit www.fieldprintoregon.com for more information.

All fingerprints are processed through the Oregon State Police (OSP) and the FBI. A history of criminal activity will be reviewed and may result in the denial of your application.  

Fingerprints collected for any other agency or organization cannot be used for your OSBN licensing application. You must have your fingerprints collected specifically for the Oregon State Board of Nursing application.

PLEASE NOTE:   Do not obtain fingerprints until AFTER you have submitted an application in the Online Licensing Portal; without an application, the OSBN cannot match your fingerprints to your application. This will result in your fingerprints being unmatchable to an application, requiring you to resubmit your prints at your own cost.  



Must pay fee(s) and answer questions on application via online portal. No turnaround time for renewals given by the BON. If reactivation is necessary, please allow full processing time of 8-10 weeks due to fingerprints  and additional documents needing to be completed again.

Link: https://osbn.boardsofnursing.org/orbn

*Nursing License Renewals That Are 60 Days Or Less Past Expiration
If your nursing license expires, you’re allowed to renew it within 60 days of the expiration date, but you’ll have to pay a $100 late fee.

*Nursing License Renewals That Are 61 Days Or More Past Expiration
Nursing license renewals that are 61 days or more past the expiration date become “reactivations” and have different forms, requirements, and additional fees.



The 90 day Nurse Licensure Exception Request cannot be used during a labor dispute. Additionally, this must be something the facility requests, we may not do so as the agency. More steps will need to be discussed if the facility wants to pursue this.