Obtaining Your Kentucky Nursing License

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Kentucky is an Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) state

Kentucky Board of Nursing

312 Whittington Parkway, Suite 300
Louisville, KY  40222
TEL: 502-429-3300
FAX:  502-429-3311

License by Endorsement

Processing Fees  
Application $165
Fingerprint Card $12

Temp License Processing

Approximately 14 days upon receipt of all required docs - valid for 6 months.
Must not have any prior convictions OR disciplinary actions.

KBN does not issue license cards.

Documents Needed Temp Perm
Completed application Yes Yes
Verification of original state license No Yes
Federal Criminal Background Check (request FP card) Yes Yes
State Criminal Background Check (online requests only) Yes Yes
Official Transcripts (if original license is NOT a NURSYS state) Yes Yes
Complete the KY jurisprudence exam Yes Yes
Evidence of 2 contact hours of HIV/AIDS No Yes

Apply online

Request fingerprint card – Federal Background Check
Request AOC report – State Background Check
Online KY Jurisprudence Exam

*Temporary permits are issued while other required docs are in process of receiving a permanent license. Additional necessary steps to receive a permanent license MUST also be initiated.

License Renewal

Processing Fees   Renewal License Processing
Timely $65 Within 24 hours - online
Reinstatement $135  2 or more weeks depending on requirements

Additional Info

Federal and State background check is required for reinstatements

  • Verification of employment required for employment outside of KY for at least 500 hours within past 5 years
  • CE requirements vary for reinstatements vary depending on each year after expiration.  See the CE requirements   on the KBN website.
  • Must complete the KY jurisprudence exam if license has been lapsed for one year or more.
Online Renewal
Online Reinstatement
Verify an Kentucky license

NOTE:  Mailing address to send application/docs may be different than the physical address