Obtaining Your Idaho Nursing License

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Idaho is an Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) state

Idaho Board of Nursing

280 N 8th Street, Suite 210
Boise, ID  83720
TEL: 208-577-2476
FAX:  208-334-3262

License by Endorsement

Processing Fees  
Application $110
Temp license $25
Background check $42

Temp License Processing

Valid for 90 days - must not have any prior convictions OR disciplinary actions.

Documents Needed Temp Perm
Completed online application Yes Yes
Verification of original state license No Yes
Verification of current active license Yes No
Employment reference Yes Yes
ID State police privacy statement No Yes
Fingerprint card No Yes
Request fingerprint card and instructions from info@ibn.idaho.gov    

Apply online

*Temporary permits are issued while other required docs are in process of receiving a permanent license. Additional necessary steps to receive a permanent license MUST also be initiated.

License Renewal

Processing Fees   Renewal License Processing
Timely $90 May renew online 3 months prior to expiration and up to 1 year of expiration.
Late $35  
Reinstatement $125  Contact the board to request application.  Fingerprinting may be required.

Additional Info

A temporary license may be issued for licenses lapsed more than 1 year, but less than 3 years.  

Online Renewal

NOTE:  Mailing address to send application/docs may be different than the physical address