Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Nursing

Much of what you want to know about joining our elite team of Fastaff travel nurses, can be found below.

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Typically, travel nursing assignments require a commitment of 13 weeks or more. Most nurse temporary staffing agencies are not equipped to handle shorter placements or placements that require a rapid response to an urgent and crucial need for patient care. Fastaff pioneered the concept of Rapid Response® travel nurse staffing to the healthcare industry in 1989. Since then, we’ve been providing travel nurses to hundreds of hospitals, sometimes on very short notice, for placements that may last as little as four weeks or as long as a year or more. This means more jobs and options for our nurses, and superior service for the varied needs of our hospital clients.

You need at least two years’ experience in your specialty, at least one year of recent acute-care experience (based on your specialty), and a current RN license. In addition, you’ll need to provide written references, documentation of certifications, etc. You can view the list of requirements or go to the Fastaff application.

2015 Registered Nurse  Hourly Pay Rate GraphTravel nurses typically earn far more than staff nurses, and our pay rates are among the highest in the travel-nurse industry. Average pay for a Fastaff nurse working 36 weeks is $101,288. On-assignment nurses receive their paychecks weekly.

Beyond the benefits of working when you want to and where you want to, we offer our nurses a highly attractive benefits package. Like our stunning pay scale, it’s one of the best in the industry. Medical, dental, and vision plans; a 401(K); free educational opportunities; licensing reimbursement; and a perks program are all included in our comprehensive benefits package.

Typically a job will last 4 to 13 weeks. You may be offered the opportunity of extending the assignment should circumstances warrant. Many of our nurses have stayed on assignment at a particular hospital for over a year, but this is never expected of a person. At Fastaff, we understand our nurses’ need for flexible scheduling and respect their right to extend or not extend, depending on their personal needs and lifestyle. There is never any pressure from our side.

Again, that’s up to you. If you enjoy the excitement of flying to new locations on the drop-of-a-hat notice, we can accommodate that. If you prefer to have a more leisurely preparation period, we can accommodate that, too. Fastaff has hundreds of job openings at any given time. This allows us to accommodate the unique needs and preferences of almost any nurse.

We have assignments available all across the United States. For up-to-date information on our current job postings, visit our Job Postings page, sign up to receive announcements of the latest Jobs by Email, or phone us at 800-736-8773 (800-73-NURSE).

Absolutely. We offer unlimited referral bonuses. For every nurse you refer who is not in our current database and who completes a Fastaff assignment, we will pay you a referral bonus of up to $1,000 for RNs ans $500 for Allied Professionals.  

Travel is always complimentary before and after a completed assignment. Not only are they paid for, they’re arranged for you too. All you have to do is pack and fly. Complimentary housing during your assignment is also provided to you in addition to your hourly pay.

We house you close to your assignment in a comfortable hotel, inn or apartment. Do you have particular needs or preferences about lodging? Tell us what you have in mind. We will always make every effort to accommodate you.

In many cases, yes. Talk to your recruiter about this to learn if this option is available for the assignment you are considering.

Fastaff travel nurse assignments have guaranteed hours. You may work 36 to 60 hours per week depending on the facility you’re assigned to. Any hours over 40 allow you to earn extra income through overtime. In California, any hours worked over 8 per day are overtime. If your facility does not schedule the required hours or cancels your shift, Fastaff will pay you for the guaranteed hours regardless, so long as you were available to work.

Certainly. We have travel nursing positions available in many different specialty areas. If they wish it, our nurses may be given the opportunity to float to hospital departments other than the one they were assigned to, allowing them to gain experience in new arenas.

Our nurses are our employees. This means we withhold and pay all of your employment taxes, health insurance, and Worker's Compensation, so you can focus on doing what you do best: nursing. You may sign up for any benefits we offer, such as health insurance, 401(K), and dental insurance. Benefit start dates may vary. Talk to your recruiter for details.

If you are paying privately for your lodgings through a housing allowance, you may certainly bring your pet if your landlord has no objections. If Fastaff is arranging your lodgings for you, pets may be an option in certain cases. Talk to your recruiter for details.

We attend all the major nursing conferences, including  AORN (Association of Perioperative RNs) and AONE (American Organization of Nurse Executives) every spring, and AWHONN (Association of Women’s Health, Obstetrics, Neonatal Nurses) every summer.  We also attend the National Travel Nurse convention in Las Vegas every year.

You start by filling out an online application. Once we receive that, a Fastaff representative will contact you to discuss your needs and preferences and to help make sure your file is complete. When your papers are all in order, we’ll submit your file to facilities you select as places where you would like to work. Once you accept a position, our travel and housing representative will contact you about travel and living arrangements. Your recruiter will assist you on your assignments before, during, and after your placement. Some nurses may travel within a week of applying, while others may start later. With Fastaff, it’s flexible. With Fastaff, your needs are respected. With Fastaff, you call the shots. With Fastaff, it’s travel nursing your way.