Earn $1k When You Refer a Travel Nurse

Know a great nurse or allied professional looking to grow their career and be part of this proud community? Refer them to Fastaff and put money in both of your pockets.

You don’t have to be a healthcare professional or even work for us to receive the referral bonus. Send us your qualified friends, family members or coworkers and we’ll take it from there. Once your referral completes their first assignment with Fastaff, you will earn the following bonus payment:

  • $1,000 for all RN specialties when referred RN completes 30 days on Fastaff assignment.
  • $500 for all allied professionals when referred allied professional completes 30 days on Fastaff assignment.
  • PROMOTIONAL OFFER: $3,000 REFERRAL BOUNS TO ALL PEDIATRIC SPECIALTIES! ***must complete a 13-week assignment to qualify

RN and allied referrals must start an assignment within 180 days of being referred to Fastaff.

Participation in the Fastaff referral bonus program is voluntary and should take little time. It must occur outside of working hours and must be limited to engaging friends, family and acquaintances as part of your normal social affairs. Referral bonuses are usually paid within 90 days of the successful completion of the assignment by the referred nurse. For additional details, please call your recruiter or 800-736-8773.

Additional program guidelines:

  • Referred traveler must list the Referring individual on their application, located at https://myportal.fastaff.com
  • Referred traveler must complete 30 days on assignment before the referral bonus can be processed.
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