Become a Travel Nurse

First To Serve, First To Succeed

Imagine a nursing career that lets you set your terms, your schedule and your lifestyle:

  • You decide when and where to work
  • You accept assignments that will give you unrivaled experience
  • You gain financial success, flexibility, and freedom

When you entrust your career to Fastaff Travel Nursing, it becomes possible.

As the nation’s premier travel nurse agency, Fastaff offers the top pay in the industry, and flexible assignment lengths at prestigious hospitals nationwide.

Whether you’re looking for balmy beaches or big-city bustle, short-term stints or extended assignments, Fastaff can match you with jobs that suit your unique interests, needs and lifestyle. Pair this with the highest paying jobs in travel nursing, and you’ll see why nurses choose Fastaff.

Nurses Travel with Fastaff Because We Put Nurses First

Nurses choose Fastaff for all the right reasons: premium pay, flexible scheduling, and exciting assignments. We also offer impressive bonuses, competitive benefits, free continuing education, paid travel and housing, and more. It is our core belief that by treating our travel nurses as well as they treat their patients, we create an environment in which our travel nurses truly thrive. We offer the best travel-nursing options in the industry so we can attract the best nurses – nurses like you.

If you’re a specialty nurse tired of the routines and pressures of a stay-in-one-place nursing career, if you’re seeking new vistas, experiences, and challenges, if you’re ready to earn much more than you ever thought possible as a specialty nurse, Fastaff will put you first.

First To Serve, First In Pay

Whatever your financial goals may be, a career with Fastaff Travel Nursing gives you power over your financial future. Because of our solid reputation with the nation’s leading facilities, we’re able to offer top assignments and premium pay to our nurses.

With Fastaff, you have the freedom to go on assignment when you please and to take time off when you need it. You’re in total control over your assignment schedule, and since Fastaff offers the top pay in the industry, you don’t have to worry about the impact your time off will have on your financial stability.

New Experiences

Fastaff understand the demands of a fast-paced nursing career, so we go the extra mile for our travel nurses. Working as a travel nurse exposes you to fascinating assignments in a variety of clinical settings that you can’t get from a full-time position.

New work environments can inspire new perspectives and reinvigorate your passion for nursing. Plus, you get to explore new surroundings during your time off. How’s that for adventure?

Be First To Serve; Take The First Step

Be part of an elite group of travel nurses who step in and support communities that need it most, while earning the top pay in the industry. Travel nursing has never been more fun or more fulfilling.  Don’t believe us? Read some real-life testimonials from our traveling nurses. 

Contact us today to begin your journey with Fastaff Travel Nursing. You’ll immediately see the difference in how we care for our travel nurses. Call us if you’d like to talk, or fill out an online application.  Whatever your reason for choosing a career with Fastaff, you can trust us to get it right every step of the way.

Your assignments, your terms, with the schedule that suits your lifestyle.  Fastaff Travel Nursing is the first one in your corner.