Obtaining Your Pennsylvania Nursing License


Cost: $120, $122 for renewal

Compact: NO

Link: https://www.pals.pa.gov/#/page/default

Fingerprints: Yes

Approximate turnaround time: 80 business days

Temps: YES

                Approximate turnaround time: 70 business days

                Cost: $70

                Fingerprints: Yes


RN License by Endorsement info:

Sign in or create an account on the PALS site.

Select the Nursing Board to apply – prompts will help you get started.

Complete application and pay required fee(s).

Complete fingerprints ASAP and Provide a background check (criminal history record check, or CHRC) from every state in which you have lived, worked, or completed professional training/studies for the past 10 years.

Request verification of licensure from Nursys from your original state of licensure.

Request your original nursing school to send your official transcripts directly to the PA BON.

Complete 3 hour Child Abuse training.

Check PALS dashboard for updates on your licensure status.

Temporary Permit Info:

The TPP can be requested during the perm application (there will be a question within the app). Temps are valid for 1 year. You may apply for a TPP if you hold a license in another state, however you must complete all requirements for the perm license before the temp expires.



Complete renewal online and pay fee. 30 contact hours required for renewal. The turnaround time for renewals is normally 3-5 days.