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Five State Licenses To Obtain

November 20, 2019

Expand your nursing state licenses

If you apply for a new or renewed state license in one of the below five states between November 14th, 2019 & March 31st, 2020, we will reimburse fees up to $350.

Reimbursement and expenses paid includes the application fee, license verification and background check fees. Fastaff will not pay for postage, transcripts or coursework fees.  

You do not need to take an assignment with us to be reimbursed, we just want to help you hit the ground running.

Why obtain more licenses?

  • Opens up new opportunities as a travel nurse, including higher pay rates.

  • Gives you expansive choices when looking for your next assignment.

  • Allows you to visit places you have never been before.

  • Helps you grow your knowledge by learning how hospitals around the nation function.

  • Makes you an adaptable and flexible travel nurse.

  • It is an investment in yourself.

How we can help

Fastaff wants you to have the option of working in any state - regardless of taking an assignment with us. 

Each individual state has a different cost and wait time for receiving your license. To learn more about the qualifications, processing time, and necessary information associated with specific state nurse licensing, click HERE to see more information.

STATECOSTWAIT TIMEConnecticut $180 15 Business Days Illinois $50 2-4 Weeks Minnesota $105 2-5 Business Days Massachusetts $275 4-8 Weeks Pennsylvania $100 10-14 Business Days

Our team is well-versed in the various nurse licensing systems and can help guide you through the process. For more information about requirements and guidelines view HERE.

If you’re interested in learning more, recruiters are standing by to answer your questions.Call 1-800-736-8773.

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