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Blog & News/Fastaff's Guide to Nursing Associations

Fastaff's Guide to Nursing Associations

February 25, 2016

As a nurse, there are a number of professional organizations you can join to enhance your career. These organizations provide you with a host of benefits, from educational opportunities to financial incentives. Below is information about the most popular associations nurses may decide to join. 

National/International Associations - General

National nursing associations in this category are available to any nurse in the United States or even around the world. Perhaps the most popular example is the American Nurses Association, which is available to both registered nurses and nursing students in the United States. This organization offers professional development, leadership training, valuable information about the profession and more. To join the organization, you must show that you meet the requirements for membership, you must also pay a fee. 

Other examples of national associations in this category include the American Association for the History of Nursing and the International Council of Nurses

National Associations - Advanced Practice

National associations exist for virtually every area of advanced practice. To join these associations, you must typically show that you are licensed or certified to practice the designated specialty, and you must also pay a registration fee. Examples of advanced practice organizations include the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses, the American Association of Critical Care Nurses and the Academy of Neonatal Nursing.

National Associations - Interest Groups

National nursing associations for various interest groups and demographics are also available. For example, male nurses can join the American Assembly for Men in Nursing, while African American nurses can join the National Black Nurses Association, Inc. Other examples include Nurse Without Borders and Nurses Christian Fellowship.

State and Local Associations

State and local nurse associations are available in most regions. In some cases, these groups are generalized and available to all nurses. Other state and local associations may be available only to specific groups or specialties. In addition, some national nursing organizations offer state and local chapters that nurses can join to further their involvement.

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