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Blog & News/5 Reasons to Join a Professional Organization for Nurses

5 Reasons to Join a Professional Organization for Nurses

April 29, 2014

Professional organizations for nurses offer a wealth of opportunities for today’s health care professionals. Whether you’re exploring new jobs or seeking expanded industry knowledge, membership in a local, national or, niche professional nursing organization offers critical information, support, and opportunities within the field. Joining one of these collectives of health care professionals, such as the American Nurses Association, the National Association of Nurses, National Nurses United or the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists, can help you grow in your career while making beneficial and lasting personal connections.

1. Education

Licensed nurses are required to remain educated in the field of nursing. Keeping track of requirements and opportunities can pose a challenge for today’s busy nursing professionals. Annual conventions, typically organized by professional nursing organizations, often offer courses and seminars creating easy access to these critical continuing education credits.

2. Information

It’s not enough in today’s evolving health care industry to perform the job you have; successful growth is fostered by looking ahead. Joining a professional association can help keep you informed of the latest trends and technological developments in the field, as well as new laws which may affect your nursing practice. Professional nursing organizations quickly and efficiently disseminate valuable information on relevant issues helping you stay at the forefront of the industry.

3. Networking

As in many professional industries, networking with your peers offers simple access to information about job openings, interesting events, new technologies and other important resources. Developing a professional network can help further your career by providing support, references and access, not to mention firsthand information about exciting new paths, such as travel nursing with a leading company like Fastaff, which offer lucrative referral incentives!

And don’t underestimate the value of the meaningful personal connections offered by membership in professional organizations. Nursing is an intensely rewarding field, but not one without mental, emotional and physical rigors. Your fellow nurses offer unique support and empathy; membership in a community of peers can not only enrich your professional experience but also your personal life.

4. Making the Difference

Membership in a professional nursing organization offers a unique platform to help influence and benefit from the comprehensive industry. By planning an event, contributing an article to a newsletter, or taking on an organizational leadership role, you gain unique access to opportunities which foster the development of critical personal and professional skills. The more you put into your affiliation with a professional nursing organization, the more you get out of it.

5. Financial Incentives

Membership in a professional organization has many long-term benefits, both financial and otherwise, such as opportunities for job advancement, salary raises and access to discounted insurance rates. Many employers help cover the cost of membership fees, and also provide time off for attending events, meetings and conventions.

For these reasons and more, membership in one of the many professional organizations for nurses has extraordinary benefits, and offers a sound investment in both your professional and personal life.

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