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Best Banking & Finance Apps for Travel Nurses

April 21, 2016

Technology has improved the way people bank, making life as a travel nurse that much easier. With the right resources, you can deposit checks, check your balance and budget all while on assignment. The problem is there are so many apps out there, how do you choose? Here are five of the best apps for nurses on the go:

1. Your Primary Bank’s App

Most banks have jumped on the mobile train and provide customers with a custom app. The features will depend on the design, but hopefully your bank app allows you to scan checks for deposit, send money, make transfers and pay bills. Other things to look for in your bank’s mobile app include:

  • Multiple device support – Desktop, iPhone and Android compatable, just in case you switch devices

  • Login security – with mobile IDs, passwords, encryption, security questions and possibly even fingerprint sign-ins

  • Account integration – You should have access to all of your accounts. Some will even integrate credit cards and investment accounts

2. An Internet Bank

These are becoming more of a go-to option for people tired of large bank systems. To draw customers in, some online banks even offer interest-bearing checking accounts. For example, Ally Financial is currently paying .10 percent for any balance under $15,000 and .60 percent for larger balances.

GoBank is another practical choice. GoBank is a product of Green Dot Corporation and allows you to maintain an internet-based checking account. With the app, you make deposits, view transactions and find ATMs easily.

3. Mint

Mint is one of the better budgeting apps available because it offers a comprehensive snapshot of your finances. Made by the same people who developed Quickbooks, Mint provides real-time views of all your accounts on one page. With this app, you can also pay bills and set budgeting limits. The app will alert you when you are over budget in any category.

Mint is free to use, but some of the services may come with a small fee. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.

4. Digit

Digit works a little differently than most financial apps. If your goal is to save money, this app does it for you. You connect it to your checking account and Digit analyzes your spending habits. It will make a small, innocuous transfer every couple days — never more than you can afford — and save money for you. This is different than an automatic transfer because the program actually figures out how much you can afford to save instead of just taking a fixed amount.

When you need the funds, you simply withdraw them from your Digit account. For every $100 dollar you save, Digit will add five cents to your account.

5. Billguard

Billguard is more like a watchdog than a financial app. Its job is to examine your various accounts looking for things costing you money or putting you at risk. With identity theft on the rise, this is a practical way to monitor your accounts. On top of that, Billguard will analyze your spending habits and look for unusual increases while helping you monitor your credit score. It shows anywhere your card is scanned, too, so you know right away if there are unauthorized transactions.

With these apps, you can bank and manage your money with ease while enjoying life as a travel nurse.

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