Travel Nurse Resources

Find the nursing resources you need both to get started as a Fastaff traveling nurse and to enrich your experience once you begin employment. Forms, licensing information, educational opportunities, travel resources and tips, plus informational articles all can be accessed below.

  • Find out the insider secrets that make traveling a breeze for you as a travel nurse with our Travel Tips.
  • Check out our Travel Nursing Resources for helpful links and contacts.
  • Want details on free educational programs for Fastaff nurses? Learn about our Continuing Education opportunities and training in Caring Science.
  • Find out everything you need to know about nurse licensing. Fastaff will pay for your licensing in multiple states and provides the forms and information to get you started. Read about Licensing in general or check out Licensing Requirements by State.
  • Besides the time-sensitive information in our News and Events Blog, we maintain an online library of Informational Articles to help you stay abreast of the latest developments in nursing and in travel nursing. Add to your bank of professional knowledge!
  • As a Fastaff traveling nurse you will be required to complete a variety of applicant and payroll forms in order to be placed on your first assignment.  Please view our Forms page for more information.