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4 Best Smartphone Apps for Travel Nurses

January 3, 2014

As a travel nurse, you have a unique opportunity to live all over the United States, make a great living, and help others at the same time.  While most traditional travel nurse assignments last up to thirteen weeks, Rapid Response℠ travel nursing assignments typically last in the 4-10 week range. 

Travel nurses find themselves in new, exciting environments quite frequently. For those who thrive on change, transplanting to a new job and new community on a regular basis can be refreshing. However, acclimating to a completely new lifestyle several times a year can certainly be challenging. 

Not to fear, we found the four best smartphone apps for travel nurses like you. With these helpful tools, you will feel comfortable in your new home and new job in a snap.  

  1. Waze

When you are new to town; you will undoubtedly need a good map to clue you in to the best ways to get around. Waze does just that, and more. Waze is a unique app that will connect you to other drivers that use the app as well. Together, you and other Waze users create a “community” of drivers that work together to improve the daily commute.

With Waze you can report a traffic jam or police trap in real time. You can even advise (or be advised) on new and improved routes from point A to point B.

And of course, please avoid using Waze while you are driving. Use caution, and wait until your car has come to a complete stop before using the app. 

  1. Map My Run

If you are already a fitness buff, or are trying to be one, Map My Run is for you. Map My Run will help you track your calories, your activity, and if you are in a new place—it will help you find the best new routes. Map My Run isn’t just for runners though. You can track cycling, gym workouts, rollerblading, and even walking the dog.

  1. Medscape

Medscape is receiving accolades throughout the medical community for being the best and fasted growing medical app. This app serves as a quick clinical reference for adults and children; providing accurate calculators, drug references, interaction checkers, and more.

  1. Check Deposit

Many healthcare staffing agencies pay nurses via direct deposit. However, in the event you receive a birthday check from Great Aunt Agnes, or perhaps a rebate check, if your bank doesn’t exist in your new community, you won’t be able to make a deposit.

However, if you belong to one of the following banks or credit unions, you can deposit checks right from your phone, no matter how far you are from your bank. 

  • USAA

  • Wells Fargo

  • Chase

  • PNC

  • Bank of America

  • Citibank

Depositing a check with your mobile phone app is super simple.  Once you download the app, all you need is to do the following:         

  • Endorse your check

  • Take a photo of the front of the check

  • Take a photo of the back of the check

  • Verify the amount of the check and account numbers are all visible

  • Submit the photos to your bank

  • Wait for confirmation from your bank

More and more financial institutions are adding this feature to their list of banking services; check with yours to see if a check deposit app is available to you.

With the ever increasing popularity of mobile devices, the Internet is right at your fingertips--making your adjustment to life as a travel nurse easier than ever.  When in doubt about your new job or new town, ask around. There’s probably an app for that!

What app have you learned you can’t live without? Share your favorites in the comments section below!

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