Travel Nursing offers a host of personal benefits

May 31, 2011

Every travel nursing assignment is different, yet each offers wonderful personal rewards.

Premium Pay
No doubt about it, travel nursing positions pay more. Your power over your financial future can be solidified with a career in travel nursing, particularly if you are qualified in PICU, NICU, Peds, ICU, CVICU, OR, CVOR or other specialty areas. In an optimal situation, with referral and holiday bonuses, the travel nurse can earn a six-figure salary in one year.

New Environment & Experiences
A travel nursing assignment is great for the wandering spirit. If you are an adventure seeker who looks for variety and a periodic need for change, this is the career for you. You’ll travel to new areas of the country, make new friends, and gain important new perspectives in the delivery of patient care. Traveling offers many freedoms.

Whether you’re looking for time with your family, time for travel or simply time to recharge, travel nursing will work for you. Choose assignments that fit your lifestyle and that allow you to attend to important personal times.  

Travel nursing offers the career where you call all the shots:

  • You decide when and where you work.
  • You focus on doing what you love.
  • You gain financial success, flexibility and freedom.