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Guaranteed Delivery

If We Don’t Fill, We Pay

As the pioneer and industry leader in Rapid Response® travel nurse staffing solutions, Fastaff has been delivering experienced nurses to facilities across the country for more than 30 years. Fastaff is the only travel nurse staffing agency to offer a guaranteed delivery promise.

As your trusted partner, Fastaff will financially commit to our guaranteed delivery promise, ensuring your quality patient care needs are met on your timeline.

For urgent and crucial staffing requests:

Speak with a staffing expert at (888) 969-9216 or

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The Right Nurse

Most of our deep database of experienced nurses are in a hard-to-fill specialty, providing quality coverage to your most critical units.

Rapid Response®

Fastaff’s in-house team of experts trained in urgent and crucial situations personally handle all staffing requests, including recruitment, credentialing, and travel & housing.

Financial Commitment

Fastaff’s one-of-a-kind guaranteed delivery promises experienced nurses on your timeline or we’ll pay a cost per nurse as stated in your customized Service Level Agreement.

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The Fastaff Nurse Difference

Our ability to provide highly skilled nurses in as little as 10 days is a testament to our dedication of having top-tier candidates available for your urgent needs.

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Fastaff’s Workforce Solutions

Avoid the stress and confusion of managing multiple staffing vendors by choosing the one agency that financially guarantees success of your largest and most critical staffing projects.

Flexible-length Assignments

Unlike typical 13-week assignments with traditional travel agencies, our flexible-length assignments allow hospitals to utilize quality nurses just for the time needed, lowering total cost.

10 Attributes of Guaranteed Delivery

When you need nurses fast, every minute counts. As the pioneer and industry leader in Rapid Response® travel nurse staffing solutions, Fastaff can provide nurses in 10 days or less.

For urgent and crucial staffing requests

Speak with a staffing expert at (888) 969-9216 or