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Travel Clinic Nurse Jobs

Clinic nurses care for patients in a wide variety of settings and ensure they receive the treatment they need to recover from their ailments. If you're a clinic RN looking to achieve your dreams of traveling, consider joining Fastaff. We help you find travel jobs that will give you the freedom and flexibility to explore the states you work in while benefitting from a stable source of income.

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Clinic Travel Nurse Qualifications

Caring for patients with medical conditions requires in-depth knowledge of various health conditions and treatment methods. If you want to become a clinic travel nurse, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Complete a bachelor's degree in nursing

  • Take and pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN)

  • Become a licensed registered nurse for the state you're working in

  • Gain experience as an RN

With travel health clinic nurse jobs, you'll have to apply and get a license for each state you plan to work in. You can also distinguish yourself by obtaining certifications in a specialty you wish to practice.

Clinic Nurse Duties and Responsibilities

As a clinic nurse, you're often the first person a patient communicates with. You'll confirm with them what they're visiting for and review their medical history to ensure they receive proper care. Other duties and responsibilities of clinic nurses include:

  • Assessing patients and ordering tests or treatment plans

  • Administering medication and IVs

  • Updating patient records

  • Monitoring patients and their progress

  • Performing laboratory tests and interpreting results

  • Corresponding with medical staff to create treatment plans

  • Communicating with patients during exams to learn more about their conditions

  • Providing care instructions and educating patients on managing their symptoms

When some clinic nurses have more experience than others in the facility, they may also help others by supporting, mentoring and educating them when needed. Additionally, working in a smaller clinic with fewer nurses could give you more administrative responsibilities than in larger offices.

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Travel Clinic Nurse Salary and Benefits

Your earning potential can change based on your experience level and the location where you'll be working. Becoming a travel clinic RN is one way to increase your pay by working with an agency like Fastaff, who can match you to top positions across the country that will help meet your career goals.

Some more excellent benefits you can take advantage of when working travel clinic nurse jobs with Fastaff include:

  • Access to high-paying jobs nationwide

  • Exclusive Fastaff jobs

  • Health insurance options

  • Licensure reimbursement

  • 401(k) with employer match

  • Continuing education help

  • Perks through our Ingenovis Health ACT program

As a clinic travel nurse, you also gain the incredible opportunity to connect with many patients and medical staff members.

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Accelerate Your Career with Fastaff

For more than 25 years, Fastaff has helped connect the nation's top healthcare professionals with assignments that make the most of their skills. Fastaff travelers stand at the ready to serve communities where they're needed the most and are rewarded with flexible scheduling, attractive pay packages and dynamic assignments that enhance their careers, supported at every turn by personal service and the Ingenovis Health ACT program.

Earn What You Deserve

Working with Fastaff offers the opportunity to take your skills to new locales with travel and housing expenses fully covered. Apply online today or contact us for more information.