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Fastaff Newsletter | Montefiore Campus

Fastaff Updates

  • Kronos - Please be diligent. Clock in and out or your pay may be delayed for a week.

  • Check your schedule weekly to ensure it is correct and no changes were made.

  • FIT and PPD are now done once every 3 months. Contact Karen Fountain at 518-301-1079 (this is a free service Fastaff is providing).

  • Do not clock in before your shift, you can clock in 5 minutes before your scheduled time, policy for all campuses.

  • If staying past your shift end time, notify one of the following with a reason; charge, manager, or ADN and keep track of who authorized the overtime.

  • Punctuality and attendance are very important, the facility has gaps in their staffing and needs you on the units on time, this is vital to patient care and impacts extensions or return offers.

Montefiore Updates


Welcome the new Director of Nursing Nicole Biel if you see her on campus at CHAM. Uniforms need to be Ceil Blue or Child Print friendly. No hoods or sweatshirts, please. Please ensure you are clocking in and out, there has been a large increase in missed punches Which makes it very difficult to get your time approved on time. This may delay your payroll. Ensure you are scanning all medications and patients. There is a 100% scan rate initiative.

Montefiore Updates Continued...

  • Sick Calls (2 hr. prior) Select the Campus (Moses, Einstein and Cham) Ect. Please keep your confirmation number and email and include the confirmation number.

  • Please review facility protocols (found online website). Restraint or Seclusion, TIPS utilization, IV tubing needs to have date and time for every patient and use, All LDA’s need to match up with the patient’s flow sheet, OVC dressing need insertion of line date/time the dressing was changed/in EPIC and when the next dressing is due, Isolation Policy in the Infection Control, Pain management and teaching to include documentation and reassessment per protocol, Pressure Ulcer identification and documentation has to be accurate.

  • If your unit scans medication, do not override! You must scan the patient and medication foradministration. Pharmacy is doing audits and we have had multiple discrepancies for narcotics. This system is in place to protect the patient and your license! Use it please, do not manually chart! All narcotics require a witness for waste, make sure you do this in real time and do not forget. This is a hard lesson to learn. Also document pain score and reassessment of pain 30 minutes for IV and 1 hr for PO pain medication.


Director of Clinical Services Fastaff

Please be diligent with handwashing to prevent the spread. Stay safe and continue to do the amazing job of taking care of our Montefiore patients.

I am available by phone, text or email 24/7 if you need anything, even a friendly conversation, meal, beverage or what to see and do in NYC!

I have available ACLS, PALS and BLS instructor for certifications. Please contact me if you need a class set up. Make sure you are aware of your current expiration date.

Call/text me if you need me 518-301-1079.