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Don't miss this enlightening podcast episode where Kathleen Wessel, VP of Business Management and Operations at the American Hospital Association, and Kathy Kohnke, Senior VP of Client Services at Ingenovis Health, discuss the evolving landscape of healthcare staffing. They share key data-driven strategies, the role of contingent labor, and how hospitals can adapt to the "new normal" of patient care.

In this informative episode, Kathleen and Kathy explore:

  • The impact of COVID-19, rising labor costs, and an aging population on staffing models.

  • The importance of data-driven decision making in planning for fluctuating patient volumes.

  • Effective strategies for managing overtime, core openings, and turnover to reduce stress on staff.

  • How hospitals can leverage strategic partnerships like the one between Ingenovis and Fastaff to optimize their workforce in the face of challenges.

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