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EMR Conversion

Investing in an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a major undertaking for health systems and providers. A successful EMR implementation requires several key areas collaborating together, including the scheduling challenges of training a multi-specialty nursing staff. Fastaff is experienced in covering all the logistical operations you need, from recruitment to onboarding for your hospital, guaranteeing high quality patient care coverage.

Partner with Fastaff to provide flexible-length assignments to support clinical staff on your timeline, including 48-hour workweeks to maximize utilization for no overtime charges to your facility.

For urgent and crucial staffing requests:

Speak with a staffing expert at (888) 969-9216 or

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Fastaff will provide qualified nurses to continue quality patient care while you utilize your staff for:

  • EMR build and customization

  • EMR nursing champions and super-users

  • Initial training

  • Go live roll out

  • Continued education

  • Quality assurance

Comprehensive nurse training will result in:

  • Quality documentation

  • More complete charge capture

  • HIPAA compliance

  • Physician satisfaction

  • Streamlined processes

  • Federal incentive payments

For urgent and crucial staffing requests

Speak with a staffing expert at (888) 969-9216 or