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Continuing Education Benefits

Fastaff Free CE Program

Fastaff is pleased to provide free continuing education (CE) for our travel nurses through our relationship with, a nationally accredited CE provider. They offer a variety of high quality continuing education resources for healthcare professionals that help advance careers and maintain licensure. Whether you choose to study from home or while on a travel nursing assignment with Fastaff, maintaining your CEU requirement is now easy and convenient!

While is a nationally accredited CE provider, some states (such as NY) have more stringent regulations when it comes to continuing education. If you have any questions about whether a course will be accepted within your state, contact

How it Works

You are eligible for the Free CE Program when:

  1. You are active on a Fastaff travel nursing assignment, or

  2. You have worked an eight-week Fastaff travel nursing assignment within the past 3 months.

Once you are eligible, simply contact Fastaff at or 800-736-8773 to request your MyFreeCE site access code.

When your eligibility is confirmed, you will receive your access code and website link within 48 hours.

After you receive your access code, you can view the current list of courses and course material, take course tests, and print course certificates from the convenience of any computer with Internet access and a printer.

You may take unlimited CEUs as long as you meet the eligibility requirements.

Note: The MyFreeCE login code given by Fastaff is not transferable. Sharing this code will result in dismissal from the MyFreeCE program.

To take a course online, you will need to:

  • Go to the MyFreeCE website link provided

  • Complete the registration form

  • Select desired course

  • Read course materials

  • Complete the corresponding test

  • Print a certificate

For more information please contact Fastaff MyFreeCE Program