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  • As the COVID-19 death toll continues to rise, travel nurses are continually being called to assist. NBC Nightly News speaks with Fastaff travel nurse, Grover S., currently on assignment in a Florida hospital.

  • Fastaff Travel Nursing recently had the opportunity to work with alternate positions in which medical needs were previously non-existent. Nurses and medical professionals provided temperature screenings for the public during the first reopening of sporting events in 2020.

  • Fastaff nurses are rewarded and recognized for the experience, skills, and dedication they bring to each travel nursing assignment. This nurse exemplifies the Fastaff values. Read below to learn more about the July Nurse of the Month, Adelaide Brannan.

  • Senior Vice President of Fastaff, Kathy Konhke, joined The Brian Mudd Show, hosted in Florida. They discuss the 'Southern Wave' of COVID-19, where states like Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arizona and California are currently experiencing a surge in cases.

  • Lauren Pasquale Bartlett, VP of Marketing at Fastaff spoke on KAHI Radio 104.5 FM | 950 AM in Sacramento, CA to explain how travel nurses are assisting in the reopening of professional sporting events.

  • As some healthcare professionals courageously fight on the front lines of coronavirus, medical needs are now needed in positions that were previously nonexistent. One in particular is temperature checking for the public, like professional sporting events.

  • Fastaff VP of Marketing, Lauren Pasquale-Bartlett joined Fox Sports Radio 'Taking Dead Aim' with Charlie Nance to describe recruiting nurses and medical personnel for dire situations, such as emergency response and coronavirus.

  • Fastaff VP of Marketing, Lauren Pasquale Bartlett joined Miami Sports Radio - 1230 The Zone 940 WINZ, to describe how Fastaff nurses conduct temperature screening checks at professional sporting events.

  • Fastaff VP of Marketing, Lauren Pasquale Bartlett, was interviewed on Memphis sports radio station AM 560 87.7 FM. They discuss what professional sports may look like in our 'new normal' with COVID-19, including the importance of having contingency and crisis management plans in place.

  • Fastaff Travel Nursing was on the ground at eight professional sporting events across the country this June, providing onsite healthcare including temperature checks in a joint effort to reopen sports safely.