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  • When you go on the road as a travel nurse, there are many things that can make life easier, but a few are truly essential nursing tools. Be sure to pack the following items when you head off to your next assignment:

    Hardware for Travel Nurses


    Vision plays a key role in the way you experience the world around you. Keep your windows to the world in tip-top shape with the recommendations listed above.

  • Travel nursing often feels like an adventure. You get the chance to work in new cities and constantly meet new people. You also get to make a difference in the lives of patients from one end of the country to the other.

  • As a travel nurse, long shifts are often part of the job. Not matter how much you enjoy your job, you may find yourself feeling exhausted and somewhat burnt out once your lengthy shift is over.

  • Nursing is an exciting career choice that provides you with a number of opportunities for advancement and specialization. Below are seven ways to advance nursing career after becoming licensed. 

  • Nurse watches should be chosen for form, function, durability and perhaps a bit of color or humor to brighten your day. Ideally, your watch should be low profile so that it doesn’t easily snag or catch on clothing. It should also feature a vibrant and readable time display and a second hand (for measuring pulse, BP and respiration...

  • Travel nursing brings many benefits, including the opportunity to live in and explore a part of the country you would not normally visit. One way to give yourself more time to enjoy your new destination during an assignment is to work the overnight shift.

  • Emergency nursing is a fast-paced, intense career that requires stamina, dedication, compassion and the ability to remain calm in chaotic situations. Consult the information below to learn more about becoming an emergency room nurse.

  • What is a Travel Nurse?

  • Wikipedia will tell you that travel nursing is a wonderful profession to consider because you'll experience culture in different cities, potentially earn a higher income and enjoy a housing stipend in some of the country's most desirable locations.