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  • It’s no surprise that December is the month people gain the most weight. As the holiday season begins, make smart choices to avoid holiday weight gain.

  • Intensive care, or critical care, takes nursing to a new level because these professionals deal with high-risk patients and the emotional strain that comes with them. An ICU nurse often must manage more than just medical care. Families and patients facing end-of-life decisions are a normal part of the job.

  • We've titled this "Better Gift Ideas" because last year's holiday gift list didn't exactly earn us rave reviews. However, we are tenaciously trying again--with excellent suggestions from our community--inspired by last year's list.

  • Travel nursing can take you to locations all around the country, from warm coastal cities to charming towns in the Midwest. Before you visit a city, it helps to learn a little about it so that you can make the most of your stay.

  • You can become a travel nurse during any time of the year. However, becoming a travel nurse during the holiday season is especially rewarding. Not only does working during the holiday season provide you with intrinsic rewards, but you can also earn higher pay than you would working in a standard nursing job. 

  • Working as a travel nurse is a rewarding career and there are many reasons to be thankful, both big and small.

  • It is hard to stay on the go as a travel nurse without really good socks.

  • As a travel nurse, it is important to keep your energy up, but are you risking your health to do it? Caffeine is a powerful stimulant and one of the world's most widely consumed psychoactive drugs. The Food and Drug Administration classifies it as safe and legal, but it can be toxic is large doses.  

  • Nurses are the front line of defense for patients with allergies, so knowing how to prevent reactions is part of the job. There is no exception with travel nurses. They carry as much responsibility for allergy management as any medical professional, but they must do it an unknown environment.

  • Most people avoid scheduling shifts on the holidays if they can. However, working on the holidays can be advantageous. In fact, some travel nurses even find holiday shifts to be extremely rewarding. Below are some of the benefits to accepting shifts that fall on a special occasion.