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A Travel Nurse: The Best Nursing Position Out There

November 29, 2012

Choosing the career of a travel nurse is becoming a popular decision for nursing students and graduates for many reasons. This type of nursing position always has new experiences to offer to nurses, and that aspect tends to draw a lot of people in the nursing field who like excitement in their career, into this type of nursing position. While working as a travel nurse, you're able to see many different locations and are paid to stay at these locations during your time working there. This allows you to see many different areas across the U.S., and take a vacation while doing something that you enjoy- working as a nurse.

Another reason why a travel nurse is the best nursing position out there is because of the option for you to choose Fastaff. The reason why nurses choose Fastaff is because it offers the top pay in the nursing industry. Not only does it offer top pay, it also offers top-tier facilities that allow you to work in the very best conditions during all of your assignments. Fastaff allows you to stay at so many great locations, coast-to-coast, which keeps things new and exciting. It also offers you furnished travel and housing, or the option to choose generous tax free stipend, so while you're working as a travel nurse you'll always be comfortable and feel at home.

Fastaff also pays for you reimbursement for your state licensure. You also have the option for pre-paid state licensure for qualified assignments. Unlimited referral bonuses also attract nurses to the Fastaff program, allowing up to $3,000 per referral. As a travel nurse, Fastaff will provide you with complete medical, dental and vision insurance. It also offers you a 401(K) plan, and even nurse loyalty incentive's for certain positions. 

Fastaff makes a travel nursing position even better than it already is because not only are you guaranteed the top pay rates, you're also given shorter nursing assignments which allow you to travel more and not get stuck in the same place for too long. With travel nursing, sometimes work hours are not guaranteed and this can make the position stressful. With Fastaff you'll receive guaranteed hours, you'll be able to maximize your time and have more free time when at home and during your travel nursing assignments. 

Fastaff is a leading provider in Rapid Response Nursing Support. By joining the elite team of nurses helping in the most crucial situations, Fastaff will provide you with all of the best benefits that a travel nurse can receive.

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