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Today's Healthcare Heroes: Sarah F. & Reid S.

May 7, 2020

For Nurses Week, we commemorate all the brave and selfless healthcare workers around the world. For this year’s celebration, we invited you to recognize a healthcare hero and share their story of bravery during the pandemic. The submissions we’ve received are awe-inspiring and we are honored to share them with you.

Sarah F. 

Recognized by Lindsay G.

I would like to nominate Sarah F. for Nurses Week. Sarah exemplifies the very passion of what being a nurse is for me. As a current nursing student, I would like to point out that I know being a nurse is no easy feat. I think that is what makes it all the more worthwhile to me. Seeing Sarah’s determination and willingness to go above and beyond to always help others no matter what she is facing in life and has made my belief in this profession grow even more.

I remember watching Sarah one day; it was the end of the shift and the patient asked for pain medication. After 12 hours you would imagine the stress and burnout after a long day would impact her next decision negatively, but it didn’t. Sarah actually went into the patient’s chart and saw that no pain medication was prescribed. She then called the doctor, waited for the order to be placed, verified, and gave the prescribed medication to the patient. The patient was very grateful because she was in a lot of pain and the fact the Sarah went the extra mile meant a lot to her. What Sarah didn’t know is that it also meant a lot to me as well.

Sarah is a fighter. I don’t ever remember a time where she wasn’t going after what she wanted at 100%. Coming from an entirely different country, teaching herself the language, and pushing through each adversity that came her way; there’s no doubt that she is one of a kind. Every day she brings her A-game and whether it’s picking up an extra shift, staying late, or helping a fellow employee, she usually is always one of the first to volunteer. As you all face this COVID-19 battle each day I pray, and am so grateful for all of the hard work you do. 

Reid S. 

Recognized by Justin G.

Everyone has a hero in life, mine is my dad. He has been a nurse for 20+ years. He is the sole reason I became a part of the field. He is the most unselfish person in the hospital. He is a total team player. When someone needs help they call Reid! When things go south they call Reid! Although usually he’s already there before they can look around for him.

He is so knowledgeable in critical care and cardiovascular recovery. He orients nearly every new grad in the ICU and they all EXCEL. Most recently he commanded and led the COVID-19 ICU at our local hospital. I believe he has had three days away from the unit since it opened a few weeks ago. He never complains and he shows up every day with the most positive attitude anyone could have.

The most important thing he has ever taught me was to go in each day with a full caring heart knowing you’ve been called to serve your fellow neighbors and that no matter what, you will be a better nurse and more importantly, a better person today than you were yesterday. If you stick to that rule or goal you will not fail as a nurse or as a part of mankind. My dad, my hero.

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