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Today's Healthcare Heroes: Marion V. & Bruce H.

May 8, 2020

We're continuing our Nurse's Week celebration by recognizing healthcare heroes. We invited you to share their story of bravery during the pandemic, and the submissions we received were awe-inspiring.  We are honored to share them with you. We'll be posting incredible stories and recognizing healthcare heroes over the weekend. Be sure to check back every day for more inspiring stories. 

Marion V. 

Recognized by Kathleen D. 

I Kathleen D., RN, would like to recognize my boss at my hospital in New Jersey. Even before COVID-19 was a household name, Marion, the Director of the ICU, would call or write to ask me (the new nurse) how my day was, did I need help, was his staff helping me, could he help, etc.

I could hear his children playing in the background [of the phone calls], and he listened and gave me suggestions and told me how I could improve, always in a positive manner. Managers are responsible 24/7 but are expected to sleep - I am not sure he does because he can always be reached by text, even if he cannot solve the problem at the moment, he will find the time the next day and review the situation with you within 24 hours, even if you’re on or not.

Once COVID-19 arrived to Northern NJ, the support I and the staff received has doubled. Mr. V. even opened a private chat room so we could discuss the new policies and ask questions, HIPPA approved of course. Under his guidance, the ICU department has received help from all departments; Radiology Techs, Physical Therapy, Cardiac Cath, and the Behavioral Health staff all are helping the ICU staff positioning patients.  And if that is not enough, Mr. V. created a spacer to provide more comfort for the N95 masks. Thank you for giving me a platform to express my appreciation to my Department Head.

Bruce H.

Recognized by Monique J. 

Bruce is an exemplary traveling expert in his field as a Critical Care Traveling Nurse. 

Bruce not only travels on missionary trips at least bi-annually, but he’s traveling NOW to the East Coast of the USA to help during this pandemic. Bruce was affected early this year by this virus because he is an avid traveler. Despite his reservations of concern for his own health, he has volunteered to fight & aid in the containment of this virus as a first responder in an area of this country in desperate need of professionals like him.

I can go on and on of his accomplishments and endeavors to bring excellence in nursing care as a first responder, but most importantly I want you to know this about him. I personally aspire to be as self-actualized as this human being is, when warranted. I admire his bravery, having suffered from the effects COVID-19 brings, for responding in person, this actual day to fight this pandemic. I pray for his safety as a friend & colleague, but mostly I want to share with others, my inspiration as a healthcare professional to be cautious but fearless an advocate for those in need above all else.

Bruce should be considered in your recognition of heroes, for just being the stoic, endearing, and expert nurse in his field that is the example for those of us that aspire to be as great an as fearless as he's being.

Bruce has completed many volunteer missions across the world and conquered many bucket list adventures, I can only pray to experience the same someday. He has many personal photos to prove his adventures and is an excellent historian as well.

Please consider Bruce H. as you recognize first responding nursing professionals during this time the country needs them the most!

We'll be posting incredible stories and recognizing healthcare heroes over the weekend. Be sure to check back every day for more inspiring stories.

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