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Today's Healthcare Heroes: Kalisa M. & Raeven R.

May 9, 2020

Kalisa M 

Recognized by Nikki W. 

My coworker and I had to do the unimaginable task yet again. We had to take one of our COVID-19 positive patient’s wife (whom was also COVID-19 positive) to be with her dying husband as she had earlier made the decision to withdrawal care. We planned on just taking the wife in to be with her husband during their final moments. My coworker could not allow this poor lady to be alone during this time. She provided comfort and support as a family member would do. The emotions were running high and [there was] not a dry eye in the room as we held hands and listened to the woman sing to her dying husband. 

This experience has been very hard for all mentally and emotionally but I want to give a special shout out to my friend and coworker. This is not the first time she had to do this same task and asked why does she have to bear the load of this task? We all have to do this due to our job, however, she deserves special recognition for her attentiveness and empathy! 

Raeven R.

Recognized by Toni R.

I would like to recognize my daughter Raeven R. She was studying to be a nurse and wanted to be a NP. She was 22 years old. She was taken from us on April 11, 2020 way before her time! Raeven touched so many lives she had a huge heart. She volunteered, took care of people, fed the homeless, and she has been credited for saving many lives.

So many have reached out to us since her passing with the stories of how she changed their lives and how they would not be here today if she had not helped them or convinced them to quit using drugs or prevented a suicide! This amazing young woman would give you the shirt off her back and all she wanted to do was save the world!

I am an ER Trauma RN and I was so proud she was following in my footsteps, however, her trust in others and her huge heart got her killed before she could fulfill her dreams. But she will always be my hero! I have never met anyone more deserving of that title!

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