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Blog & News/Today's Healthcare Heroes: Judy K. & Ashley W.

Today's Healthcare Heroes: Judy K. & Ashley W.

May 11, 2020

Judy K.

Recognized by Aimee S.

Now as most hospitals do with trying to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19, the ICU does not allow visitors for these patients. When they are declining in heath drastically, the family is called and allowed to see them from behind their ICU door; they aren't allowed inside the room in order to prevent spread of COVID-19.

One night, a very sick patient with the virus and nurse Judy, who's very tear-jerking, heart shattering and compassionate gesture, helped a family when their father/husband was dying. Below is direct quotation from the story that was posted to Seattle Times by the family. The story has been reposted and shared with thousands via social media.

"Family Members were flying in from California. Family members here said what they thought were their last words to Nguyen through a glass door.  Ty thought her husband had passed away when she, Crystal and Father Dao saw Nguyen through the glass in the ICU. His skin was discolored, Crystal recalled. But he was still breathing on the ventilator.

Nurse Judy, as Crystal came to know her, was with him, wearing a mask below her glasses, protective head covering, gloves, and a yellow gown covering her from neck to shins to wrists. She was from Texas, Crystal learned. As this area became a coronavirus hot spot, Swedish brought in nurses from around the country who travel where needed, according to Moss. Nurse Judy took on an extraordinary role. Neither Dao nor another priest called by the hospital could get into the room to deliver last rites. So Nurse Judy dipped a Q-tip into oil brought by one of the priests and made a cross on Nguyen’s forehead and hand. The priests called out instructions and recited prayers through a walkie-talkie. Nurse Judy gestured to Ty to press her hand against the window. The nurse held up her own hand to meet it on the other side of the glass and put her other hand on one of Nguyen’s feet — connecting husband and wife."

Nurse Judy is a wonderful nurse and is a very thoughtful and compassionate person.

Ashley W. 

Recognized by Jeromy A.

This girl has the heart of gold! Ashley has had nothing with bad luck with family the past few months to the point Ashley and her family are staying with friends. But you would never know unless she told you. She works her butt off as a CNA and always staying over to help. Now with everything else going on and the virus, Ashley is still working every day with no complaints about the workplace. Ashley has also signed up to be a frontline worker with the crisis in the area! My hero.

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