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Summer is the Best Time to Become a Travel Nurse

May 31, 2016

When the cold of winter finally fades, work can be the last thing on your mind. However, even though you may be dreaming of the beach, few of us can afford to quit working altogether during the summer. Fortunately, by becoming a travel nurse, you can get the best of both worlds. 

Why travel nursing?

Travel nursing offers a number of benefits you can enjoy all year long, especially in the summer. Benefits include:

  • Control over your assignments - As a travel nurse, you have the ability to decide where you will go and how long you will stay — a benefit unique to Fastaff Travel Nursing. You can choose assignments close to home, or you can spend your time as a travel nurse traveling to as many new places as possible. 

  • Flexibility - Travel nurses can choose to accept assignments at times that work best for them. For example, if you want to take a month off, you can schedule your assignments so that the month in question is free. 

  • Competitive pay - Travel nurses earn premium pay for their work, especially when they choose to work with Fastaff. Although wages vary based on the nurse's qualifications and assignments, travel nurses have the potential to earn significant salaries. In fact, Fastaff's top nurse in 2013 earned over $170,000. In addition, the top 25 nurses each earned over $100,000. 

  • Educational opportunities - When working as a travel nurse, you will have access to continuing education opportunities that allow you to advance your career. 

Benefits of Travel Nursing in the Summer

Travel nursing in the summer is especially exciting and beneficial. During the summer, you can enjoy countless activities and attractions that may not be available during other times of the year. From hanging out at the beach to spending time at local festivals, you will have no shortage of ways to spend your down time.

Furthermore, the weather during summer is ideal for travel to and from nursing assignments, as well as sightseeing. 

Summer won't last forever. If you are interested in beginning your career as a travel nurse this summer, apply at Fastaff to get started.

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