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Should Nurses be on LinkedIn?

July 7, 2015

LinkedIn is a popular social media platform used by a number of professionals all around the world, but is it right for nurses? We think LinkedIn can be a valuable asset for professionals in the nursing industry, as long as it is used properly.

LinkedIn Basics

You can create a standard account on LinkedIn for free. Using this account, you can share relevant information about your career with other professionals. Some of the information typically found on a LinkedIn profile includes:

  • Career history

  • Education

  • Job experience

  • Professional goals

  • Location

  • Contact information

  • References

You can also post a professional photo of yourself on your profile to draw even more interest.

LinkedIn is an excellent resource for nurses who want to engage in professional networking. As an active member of LinkedIn, you will be able to connect with other professionals in the nursing industry, as well as prospective employers. You can also use the platform to search for job openings and submit your resume for those openings that interest you. Because LinkedIn is now home to more than 150 million profiles, finding job openings that satisfy your requirements will be easy. You can even find travel nursing jobs via this platform.

Tips for Building Your LinkedIn Profile

As you develop your profile on LinkedIn, keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose the right photo. Make sure that the photo you include on your LinkedIn profile is professional in nature. Avoid casual photos, as well as photos that include other people or pets.

  • Be thorough. Take the time to complete all of the required sections on LinkedIn so that the platform will list your profile as "complete." This shows potential employers that you are serious about your career and are willing to follow through with required tasks.

  • Focus on your career. Some sections of a LinkedIn profile can be used to describe your hobbies, family or other characteristics that aren't directly related to your career. Including some information in these fields is recommended, but focus the majority of your profile on topics that pertain to your professional life.

  • Pay attention to your connections. LinkedIn allows you to form connections with other professionals you know. Potential employers may examine these connections, so choose carefully.

  • Request recommendations. As you build your profile, be sure to ask for recommendations from former employers or colleagues in order to increase your credibility.

  • Respond to communication. If you receive a message from a potential employer, past employer or colleague, take the time to respond.

Building a successful LinkedIn profile is one of the best ways to network with other professionals in the field of nursing. If you are interested in travel nursing opportunities, please take the time to connect with Fastaff on LinkedIn.

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