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Should I Attend a Nursing Conference?

March 15, 2016

There are numerous nursing conferences that occur each year, but the right conference could be a chance for a travel nurse to reconnect with the friends he or she made on past assignments. If you find yourself wondering whether the expense of a professional conference is worth it, consider some of these benefits:

Educational Opportunities

You never stop learning when you are a nurse. A conference allows you to stay current on topics that affect your job and patient outcomes. Healthcare is a fluid industry and nurses have a responsibility to stay on top of the changing trends.

Many of the learning sessions held at major conferences offer at least one or two continuing education credits. You have to get them anyway, so why not earn your credits in a fun and friendly way?


One of the perks of being a travel nurse is the opportunity to meet new people. The downside is you often leave friends behind once the assignment is complete. A nursing conference gives you an excuse to renew those bonds and strengthen the connections.

Networking at a conference introduces you to people that may be part of future assignments, as well. You can select jobs based on who you meet and the connections you make.

A Chance to See Into Your Future

A nursing conference will help guide your future choices. If you are considering a specialty, for example, attend a few sessions to see what field interests you the most. You also get an idea of the educational requirements and what schools might have the best program.

You can learn more about top facilities around the country, so when you are ready to settle down and accept a permanent position, you know what hospitals provide the most advantages. It is a chance to meet decision makers, too, and find a way to get your foot in the door.

Develop Your Leadership Skills

Professional organizations like the American Nurses Association have committees waiting for your input. Attending a nursing conference is a way to get involved in the industry and find your leadership role in it. You can get an overview of what volunteer options are available and the time commitment. Sign up for one or two each year to get your name out there.

Let Your Hair Down

Enjoy a little down time with your peers in great cities like Las Vegas, Orlando and Anaheim. A professional conference should be fun and give you a break from everyday life. You’ll get the chance to enjoy some of the free giveaways vendors offer while socializing with nurses from around the country.

Being a travel nurse is all about adventure – expand on that premise by adding one or two major conferences to your schedule each year. Why not learn, meet people and have some fun at a nursing conference this year? Meet up with Fastaff at these conferences in 2016.

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