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Romance on the Road, How to Balance a Personal Life and Work

July 29, 2014

Are you the travel nurse that always seems to be on assignment when Valentine’s Day rolls around? The key to making a relationship work when you are a travel nurse is to acknowledge that you have two loves in your life – those special someones who make it worth living and your nursing job. If you do that, you will find the two don’t necessarily have to clash. Romance on the road is within your reach as a travel nurse.

Assessing your Personal Needs

Assessment is part of your nursing training, so use that skill to figure out what is important. One of the benefits of working as a travel nurse is the ability to plan your work schedule around your personal life. Pull out a calendar and mark off the days that mean something to you and your family.

  • Birthdays

  • Anniversaries

  • Milestone celebrations

You have the flexibility to ensure you are home for special occasions, so use it. You can choose not to work the week of an anniversary, for example. Maybe your significant other is planning a romantic get away the last weekend of the month. Look for work assignments that don’t interfere with key dates in your life.

Communicate Openly

Today’s modern travel nurse has a powerful resource at his or her disposal. The Internet opens up communication doors that didn’t exist 15 years ago. Use online tools to stay in touch with those you love when you are working away from home. A video conference during your off time might be just the thing to spark romance on the road.

  • Laptop

  • Tablet computer

  • Smartphone

These are all tools that can keep you connected when you are traveling. Virtual communication has the added benefit of keeping your loved ones informed about the important work you do when you are off on assignment.

Schedule an Appointment

Recognize that a relationship travels both ways. Your job is part of who you are, so you and your partner must finds to accommodate it. Having that special person visit while you are on assignment allows you to spend time together and explore the local culture. As a travel nurse, you get the chance to see and experience different venues. Share that perk with your loved one.

Diagnose the Problem

Be proactive about your relationship. At the first sign of trouble, diagnose the problem and create a solution. If you get lonely, find ways to spend time together while you are on assignment, for example. Figure out how you can keep active when away, too. That might curb some of the homesickness.

Your life as a travel nurse doesn’t have to be a solitary one. Romance on the road is a practical goal. The old proverb, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” applies to the travel nurse looking to balance a love of work with the need for love outside of it.

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