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Blog & News/Recruiter Spotlight: Jackie Layton

Recruiter Spotlight: Jackie Layton

August 28, 2020

Name: Jackie Layton

Years with Fastaff: Six

Q: What do you love about recruiting for Fastaff?

A: “I love the relationship I get to have with my nurses. We’re a smaller agency, and we really have the opportunity to communicate with and get to know our nurses on a personal level. We get to learn what they’re like in real life, not just what they do for work.”

Also, even though I’m not a nurse myself, I think it’s very rewarding to be part of healthcare, especially now during these unprecedented times.”

Q: How has working for Fastaff made you a better recruiter?

A: “This is my first nurse recruiting job. I used to recruit for a college, but it was very business-driven and not as people-focused as we are here. Working with Fastaff allows me to be myself and connect with the nurses as people, not numbers. Our leaders trust us to do the right thing, so we have a lot of autonomy in how we manage our relationships. Having the freedom to both learn to be better as well as make mistakes along the way has helped me to learn how to be successful in this business.”

Q: What is your favorite part of working with the nurses?

A: “Every day is different at Fastaff, and I love that. I have a general idea of what to expect, but I don’t know what each day is going to hold, and what challenges may arise. Sometimes it’s getting them (nurses) started on their first assignment, or helping them through a challenging assignment, or just helping them to get compliant to work an assignment.

Our nurses are hard-working, ambitious and knowledgeable. They’re enthusiastic, talented and tenured. Most of our nurses know what to expect with Fastaff, and they want to work with us for a reason.”

Q: Why is Fastaff different than other agencies?

A: “We’re a small company, not a giant staffing agency, and we can put more passion and dedicated effort into what we’re doing. Our nurses aren’t just numbers, we know all about what they’re looking for on an individual basis – we’re not following scripts, meaning we can focus on them as individuals. We are passionate about what we do, we make sure our nurses have the best experience, and we can put the time and energy into it.”

Q: What do you do outside of recruiting for Fastaff?

A: “I’m an athlete, I love running, yoga, and just leading an active lifestyle in general. I love to travel and love my puppies.”

Q: What is one thing people may not know about you?

A: “I got engaged this year and am getting married in spring of 2021!”

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