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Our Favorite Podcasts for Travel Nurses

April 14, 2016

Travel nurses, by definition, have time to kill as they move from one assignment to the next. Why not grab a pair of headphones and enjoy podcasts for nurses as you travel to your latest host city?

Podcasts are syndicated broadcasts, usually audio, that cover everything from DIY home projects to zoology. Nurses looking to enjoy a serial story, hear the news, or fine-tune their craft can spend off time listening to these podcasts we love:

1. Science Vs

Hosted by science journalist Wendy Zukerman, this ABC Radio podcast wades through the vast sea of scientific information to discern fact from fiction. What is with the Paleo Diet? Is it a real thing and how does it work? Maybe the answer is to go sugar-free instead? These are all topics covered in the first season of Science Vs.

The podcast is free to download from iTunes or find it on the ABC website.

2. Amateur Traveler

If you want to know more about a potential work destination or just have a keen interest in all things travel, tune into Chris Christensen’s award winning Amateur Traveler podcast. Chris covers cities all over the globe, so there is a good chance you will find one that interests you. Learn more about San Diego or Buffalo, find out about the must-see parks in Utah or plan your sightseeing itinerary for your vacation in the Maldives.

There are currently over 300 episodes of Amateur Travel available for free on iTunes. Learn more about the show’s host and how he creates his podcasts on the Amateur Traveler website.

3. Stuff You Should Know – The Medicine Edition

Stuff You Should Know introduces you to a variety of medicine-based topics to increase your knowledge. Refresh some of the information you covered in nursing school and expand into areas that were not part of the curriculum. Get the basics on maggots and wound healing, for example. How concerned should you be about bats and rabies? What is the latest research on viruses?

Stuff You Should Know is available via their website and free to anyone who cares to listen.

4. Medscape Nurses Podcast

If you want to spend your time learning the latest news in the field of nursing, then the Medscape Nurses Podcast is an informative choice. There are currently 49 episodes that cover topics such as the tipping point of measles and advice on dealing with pregnant patients. This informative podcast series lets experts in the field provide nurses with practical information to improve their skills and enhance their work ethics.

The Medscape Nurses Podcast is free to download from iTunes.

5. Nursing Continuing Education

One of the perks of being a travel nurse is the flexible schedule. Use your free time to catch up on your continuing education credits via podcast. offers CE credit courses that you can listen to for free or pay a small fee for the certificate to get full credit. The series covers topics important to nurses such as antibiotic resistance, sleep disorders and necrotizing fasciitis. Most podcasts are worth at least one CE contact hour.

The Nursing Continuing Education podcast is available on iTunes for download or visit for more information.

Make the most of your travel time when on assignment and investigate the world of podcasts. You’ll love what you can learn while on the move.

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