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The new FastPass Profile reduces paperwork hassle

March 11, 2013

At Fastaff, we always strive to make the process easier and more transparent. Our newest initiative, called FastPass Profile, gives nurses the ability to easily prepare, upload and manage documents required for travel nursing assignments once they have completed their online application. Travel Nurses will appreciate the new features designed to make applying for a Fastaff Travel Nurse job easier and more efficient. We wanted to highlight some of the features and invite you log into the nurse portal to use the FastPass Profile for yourself:

ConvenienceWant documents to be processed after business hours? Now you can! With FastPass Profile, you can upload documents anytime you want; It’s as easy as uploading a photo. Simply take a picture of the document and put it in the system – you’re done!

ConfirmationYou no longer have to worry whether or not your fax made it to your recruiter. As soon as you upload documents into FastPass, you will receive a confirmation e-mail for reference.  Also, the increased visibility into the status of your documents will make you more aware of what’s needed for travel.

CashIf you receive an offer and complete FastPass Profile within 48 hours of the offer, Fastaff will give you an extra $50 gift card at the start of your assignment!

We are excited for what the FastPass Profile can provide and the potential it has for making your experience with Fastaff that much easier.

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