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May Nurse of the Month

May 25, 2021

Fastaff nurses are rewarded and recognized for the experience, skills, and dedication they bring to each travel nursing assignment. This nurse is someone who exemplifies the Fastaff values. Read below to learn more about the May Nurse of the Month, Sara Sidmore.

Name: Sara SidmoreSpecialty: PICU and ICU/CCUNumber of assignments: Dozens!Number of years with Fastaff: 20 years

Why do you love working with Fastaff?

I love Fastaff because I have fun!!  I love the freedom I have to choose salary, location, accommodation, and travel.  It is rare for me not to spend several extensions at an assignment when all of those things are optimal. The insurance plans have been great, a very important consideration for most travelers. My accommodations have always been acceptable for family visiting from out of town too.  Half of my fun is having a family member fly in for a long weekend, and then I can enjoy being a tourist and a foodie!!

What do you love about nursing and what makes travel nursing rewarding for you?

Travel nursing was a career choice I made 21 years ago, and I have never regretted that decision, nor have I had a better choice in my career than Fastaff.  Part of my contentment has been my recruiter of 14 years, Alisha Truijillo.  I could trust her with my career from day one. She knows what I like to do, and why! That is safety! I never get anything but support when I consider being submitted for an assignment.  

Payroll has only made 3 mistakes on my paycheck in 20 years, and 2 of those were overpayments! Housing and travel also need kudos for their untiring efforts to accommodate me despite many difficult hurdles, especially during covid travel! 

I could go on and on with just the departmental support I receive!!

You may want to know what I love about nursing, but I am the same as you there.  I just want to make a difference in the health of these wonderful people we live on the planet alongside.  Just one minute of difference, or one hour, or one day. I maintain my education and certifications because it helps me provide better whole-person care.  I love helping people know there is a nurse right beside them in the deepest crises of their lives.

Describe a time where you felt more valuable/respected because of the experience and knowledge you gained from your Fastaff assignment.

My dedication to the effort of providing care at the facilities I visit is always appreciated.  I am a guest, but I become their staff, a front-line face peering into the eyes of their community.  This has taught me patience and better manners.  I highly recommend Fastaff for taking you to a similar peaceful place!!  

Thank you guys--when I do retire, I know nursing will be in good hands.

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