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March Nurse of the Month

March 25, 2022

Name:  Paul SchererSpecialty:  ORNumber of Fastaff assignments: 14 including extensionsNumber of years with Fastaff: 4.5 years

Why do you love working with Fastaff?Fastaff has always offered great pay, great benefits, exceptional communication, and a great choice of hospitals for assignments. 

What do you love about nursing?When I chose a career in nursing, I looked forward to a career with endless opportunities, lifelong learning, and the ability to change what I do if I ever get bored. 

What makes travel nursing rewarding for you?Travel nursing was a way to see new places. My parents were both from military backgrounds, so they got paid to travel from coast to coast. Travel nursing gave me that same opportunity to experience new places. 

Describe a time where you felt more valuable/respected because of the experience and knowledge you gained from your Fastaff assignment.At my current assignment, I have been able to share much of my experience. I work in the operating room, and to see how a surgeon's mood changes when you enter the room is really a great experience. I just try to make a difference wherever I work, and Fastaff has allowed me to do that. 

What has been your most challenging Fastaff assignment and how did you feel that impacted your worth as a nurse afterward?Covid-19 has really taken a toll on our workforce. The nursing shortage is more severe now than ever because of the pandemic. All my assignments since March 2020 have really made me have to give 110% every day. People still need surgery, and the lack of staff doesn't change that. I have learned to really respect my career choice and now know I really make a huge difference in people's lives. 

Describe the most miraculous or impressive thing you’ve witnessed or been a part of during your time as a nurse with Fastaff.Besides actually meeting my recruiter Jess Dusing and Nurse Blake at TravCon 2019, I have loved being able to visit new regions of the country and gain new experiences. From running every day in the numerous parks in California to enjoying the city life of Boston, I have gained so much interacting with new people and cultures. 

How have you accomplished some of your personal and professional goals by traveling with Fastaff?Working for Fastaff has been great for my professional and personal goals. I was able to buy a house, travel the country with my Goldendoodle, Midas, pay for my family nurse practitioner program, gain valuable experience as an operating room nurse, and meet incredible people along the way!

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