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Blog & News/July 2023 Travelers Award Winner

July 2023 Travelers Award Winner

July 12, 2023


Randall Allen Sr


Orthopedics and Vascular with a lot of Podiatry, General, Urology, Pulmonary and ENT mixed in

Number of Assignments with Fastaff:

3 assignments with Fastaff

Number of Years with Fastaff:

1 year with Fastaff

Type of Award Won:

Excellence in Surgical Technology Preceptorship from The University of Missouri.

Why do you love working with Fastaff?:

Fastaff has given me incredible opportunities to learn from professionals all over the country. I have learned and I have shared. With Fastaff's support I have been afforded the confidence to excel both professionally and personally.

What was your experience around winning this award?:

Winning my award was a total surprise. I was often asked to double scrub with the hospital’s students from their Perioperative program but never knew I was being observed, or that this type of award was even a thing. When I learned that all the students were requesting to scrub with me, I felt that was complement enough.

What does winning this award mean to you?:

I was thrilled that I was apparently in demand, LOL. After more than a decade as a Surgical Technologist, we have all felt taken for granted or under appreciated from time to time. Even after being invited to the Perioperative Graduation Dinner, I still had no idea that I was receiving the University's academic award. It was a very special evening.

How do you feel traveling with Fastaff prepared you for your award-winning assignment?:

Only traveling with Fastaff would I have been placed in this educational situation. I was the Traveling guy who knew how to do it all. It made me feel incredibly valuable. I felt I was honestly making a difference training future Technologist who just might be the Scrub person if I ever needed Surgery or one of my family members. Sometimes we forget we might be lying on that table someday.

How do you think having won this award will impact your Fastaff travel career?:

I am hoping that by winning this award, other faculties will see that I am committed to excellence in patient care and safety. And that I am committed to bringing this same energy and attitude to their operating rooms. And that I am willing to share my years of experience with their staff.

How have you accomplished other personal and/or professional goals by traveling with Fastaff?:

One of the benefits of traveling with Fastaff is the professional relationships you make. I can say that many incredible relationships have been forged by working with Fastaff. I enjoy my continued professional dialog with my new friends and sharing life's experiences and challenges with my colleagues. 

What is your greatest achievement as it relates to being a healthcare professional?:

One of my biggest accomplishments in my more than a decade as a Surgical Technologist has been my sense of purpose. Many question their career choice. I do not. I did not have an opportunity to go to medical school. But, I knew, I belonged in the operating room and becoming a Surgical Technologist was my path to the most satisfying job I could ever imagine. I have done my share of Organ harvests, chest compressions and closed reduction dislocations. I have learned that every procedure is as important as the next no matter how easy or complex.

What is a bit of advice you'd give to your fellow healthcare professionals?:

What I tell myself and those I teach is this: It is an honor to be part of the Surgical team caring for each and every patient. These patients don't get to choose who is in the operating room with them during the procedure besides the surgeon. Please understand that you are responsible for taking care of each and every patient as if that's your mother on that table and that it is your responsibility to make sure you are doing everything in your power to care for this individual as you would want others to care for your family member. And to return them back to their family in a better place than when they rolled into your OR. I hope all Surgical Technologists feel this way and if you don't, maybe you don't belong in the Operating room. It's that simple and just as hard. To maintain that level of care with all the crap going on around you. But that's what separates a professional from a body simply going through the motions. You wouldn't want someone just going through the motions when your Mom or Son or Brother is on that OR table. Lead by example and be proud every day for the level of professionalism you bring to the case. I can honestly say that when you look in the mirror every day with a clear conscience, you will love who you see. And that will translate into a very satisfying and happy life. Be well, be a pro and stay sharp.

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