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Isaac Hits - Fastaff Responds in Just Hours

September 7, 2012

While Hurricane Isaac was bearing down on Louisiana, hospitals in the region were in growing need of immediate staffing assistance. With lock down only 24 hours away, they needed urgent clinical on-site help as fast as possible.

Fastaff received a call for Labor and Delivery nurses needed immediately, and within 11 hours of that call Fastaff had the first nurse on the ground.  Even as the lock down deadline approached, Fastaff had 2 additional nurses who arrived first thing in the morning, with others close behind, prior to lock down.

As the hurricane continued to hammer Louisiana and levies were being stretched, Fastaff received a call from an additional hospital for immediate needs as levies became compromised. Within 2 hours of being notified by the second facility, Fastaff had staff confirmed to travel. All of the nurses were at the facility within 15 hours of Fastaff receiving that initial call.

The hospitals had this to say about the Fastaff Nurses:

"Thank you so much for assisting us with our needs during Hurricane Isaac.  The nurses that were sent were reported to be phenomenal.  The Chief Nursing Officer called me himself to thank me and let me know that the nurses were amazing…. It has been such a pleasure working with you and your team!"

Thank you to all of our nurses whose hard work and dedication shone through when communities needed it most.   Thank you for being a part of the Fastaff Travel Nurse Family.

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