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How to find travel nurse housing

August 8, 2013

Many of our travel nurses decide to use the provided housing from Fastaff which typically consists of extended stay housing in the area of the hospital you’re assigned to. We are more than happy to provide that service, but there some instances where travel nurses prefer to use Fastaff’s generous housing stipend, and find their own temporary housing instead.  The reasons often range from they are staying with a family member in the immediate area or they would like the flexibility to be located exactly where they want to be. They could also be traveling with pets and family, and need extra space and bedrooms. For those nurses searching, oftentimes it can be hard to find housing in a 4-13 week increment. Here are just a few ideas on resources you can use to help get you started on finding your own temporary housing:

Housing for Travel NursesThis site caters directly to travel nurses by displaying listings for a variety of nurse housing locations throughout the country. As it stands now, Housing for Travel Nurses does not require you to login, become a member, or pay a fee to have access to their service.

Travel Nursing CentralAnother site that displays housing for travel nurses, among other things, is Travel Nurse Central. The link provided shows a breakdown of all 50 states and the listings that are within them. Within the listings, there is a section telling you which hospitals are close to the location.

CraigslistIf the nursing-specific sites don’t have what you’re looking for, Craigslist is typically a good choice. It should yield a high volume of options and they are sortable by things such as temporary housing and furnished. If an apartment has a specific address listed, Craigslist also has a map feature built in that can show you if it’s close to your assignment hospital or not.

AirbnbAnother interesting site is Airbnb. It is basically can be boiled down to a fancier version of Craigslist that offers features such as reviews,  vibrant pictures of different properties and the ability to find a room by booking it. Stays can be typically as short as long as you want to make them.

Have some other sites you use or tips for other travel nurses on finding temporary housing? Share them in the comments section!

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