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How To Shorten The Long Distance Parenting Gap

July 1, 2014

Long distance parenting can be equally as difficult for parents as it can be for children. Being tucked in at bedtime and pancakes in the morning are the routines our kids get accustomed to spending with us. Thankfully new technology allows us to stay in touch with the people we love better than ever- even as if they are right near us. Our long distance parenting tips will help keep you connected with your kids so you don't have to miss a thing along the way!

1. Facetime, Skype & Google Hangouts. While it may go without saying, these three technologies are the handiest when you're away on assignment. Depending on who your mobile service carrier is, you can turn your phone into a mobile "hotspot" making your device Facetime enabled from just about anywhere so you can share your day.

  • Google Hangouts comes in handy when you can take a quick break to say hi or help with homework while doing online paperwork.

  • When your kids have a big game or a performance at school, you can even feel like you're there with Facetime.  

  • With any of these three technologies you can even do story time at night!

2. Be there even when you're not. Most kids love story time. If you can't be there every night to read because you're on shift at the hospital, there's still a way to read to your kids. Recordable books now exist- you simply choose your child's favorite nighttime stories, the book allows you to record your voice reading the story and bam, a personalized tradition your child will love. While you may think you sound funny recorded, making videos of yourself singing your kid's favorite bed time songs will also be fun and soothing for them to play at night or naptime. 

3. Send snail mail to make a lasting impact. While technology offers instant gratification today, there's something exceptionally special about sending and receiving traditional correspondence. Maybe your son or daughter has a musical performance coming up or important milestone event you won't be in town for. Sending them a handwritten letter of encouragement along with a family "good luck charm" will no doubt make any kid light up. Once you're done traveling, the good luck charm can turn into a tradition that you share among one another over the years. Even sending little toys, a poster, a photo; essentially a "this made me think of you" symbol will reassure kids you are always on their mind, near and far.

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