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How to Reward yourself After a Long Nursing Shift

February 27, 2015

As a travel nurse, long shifts are often part of the job. Not matter how much you enjoy your job, you may find yourself feeling exhausted and somewhat burnt out once your lengthy shift is over. To reward yourself for a job well done and relax a little before you need to head back to work, try out some of the ideas below.

Play Your Favorite Music on the Ride Home

There is nothing quite like jamming out to a song you love. When you're tired after a long day at work, play some of your favorite songs on the way home and don't be afraid to sing along.

Go Dancing

If you have some pent up energy or frustration to burn out, consider a night out at one of the clubs in the area. Have a few drinks, spend some time on the dance floor and then head home for a good night's sleep.

Unwind at Home

If you prefer relaxing on the couch to a night on the town, reward yourself after your shift by spending the evening at home. Take a hot shower, put on pajamas or sweat pants and watch your favorite show on Netflix. Alternatively, if you'd rather not watch TV, you can read a book instead.

Treat yourself to your Favorite Meal

When you're working a long shift, you rarely get to eat what you want. Reward yourself after the shift is over by indulging in your favorite meal, whether it be a homemade dinner, take-out or a selection at one of the dine-in restaurants in the area.

Visit a Local Attraction

If you haven't experienced all of the local attractions you wanted to see during your trip, choose one to visit after your next long shift. Depending on your location, you may be able to spend the day at a museum, theme park, winery or historic site.

Splurge on Something you Want

If you've had your eye on something special, such as a new tech device, nice pair of shoes or even a spa day, buy it for yourself as a reward after a particularly long or difficult day at work.

Take a Nap

Although it may not be the most glamorous choice, sometimes nothing recharges your batteries better than sleep.

If you're feeling tired and you're not up to much activity, reward yourself with a nice long nap. If you have enough time off before you have to be back at work, you may even be able to do something fun after you have rested.

Long shifts are hard on everyone, but they leave you with a feeling of accomplishment that can't be beat. After your next lengthy shift, reward yourself with one or more of the suggestions above to unwind and recharge before your next work day.

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