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How to Kick-Start Your Fastaff Travel Nursing Job

February 21, 2018

When you find a Fastaff travel nursing job you want, it can be hard to know where to begin. Should you start by researching the location of your next assignment? Should you apply immediately? How do you need to prepare for an assignment once you’ve applied? No matter the question, we’re here to help you through the process.

Your first step toward taking a Fastaff position should be to decide what is a top priority for you. Whether you are focused on earning the industry’s top pay or working with the country’s leading medical professionals to build your resume, a recruiter can help you find the perfect position for you. With flexible assignment lengths, it’s easy to find a travel nursing position that works with your schedule. If you want to travel with a pet, you might also want to check which assignments allow for pet-friendly housing.

We recommend applying for a position as soon as you have found one that fits your priorities. Our assignments change on a daily basis and sometimes fill in ten days or less, so we cannot guarantee that any assignment you pass on today will still be there tomorrow.

Once you’ve found the perfect position and applied, we need a few things from you before you start your assignment. If you have these minimum requirements prepared before you apply, we can get your profile to the hospital quickly when the perfect job opens up.

Before our recruiters can submit you to a hospital for approval, they must receive the following:

  • A complete application

  • Current certifications - BLS, ACLS, PALS etc., whichever pertain to your specialty.

  • RN license(s) for whichever state you wish to work in

  • Your Nursing Employment History

  • A completed primary specialty skills checklist

  • One evaluation* from an RN or higher. This can vary according to which facility you are being submitted to. Most facilities prefer two references

These additional items are required once you are approved:

  • Copy of current driver’s license

  • I9 – please be prepared to fill out an I9 and show documentation needed upon completion

  • Physical within one year

  • TB skin test within one year OR Chest x-ray within five years and annual TB questionnaire

  • Positive Titers and/or vaccines

    • Varicella

    • Rubella

    • Rubeola

    • Mumps

    • Hep B (series, positive titer, vaccine or declination)

  • Drug screen (this will be set up after you’ve been submitted)

  • Flu shot OR note from MD if allergic (only during flu season)

  • Tetanus shot

  • TDAP (vaccine or declination)

Rapid Response® assignments can often become available on very short notice and require a nurse that can get up to speed fast. Gathering the required materials before your recruiter requests them will give you a unique advantage and ease your application process.

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In addition, you can download our free mobile app to search for the industry’s highest paying jobs on your phone, as well as securely upload and store your important documents.

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