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Five New Year's Resolutions for Travel Nurses

January 6, 2015

Celebrating the end of 2014 also means that you have a fresh start for 2015. New Year’s resolutions don't always need to focus on personal improvements like losing a few pounds. In fact, your resolutions can be a reflection of the progress you wish to make as a travel nurse. Self-improvement is the name of the game, and what better way to improve your life than to take steps that will advance your career?

Consider these five resolutions for your personal journey as a travel nurse in 2015:

Cultivate Professional Contacts

Building an active social media presence can be your main tool for career advancement in the digital age. Create a LinkedIn profile that includes your credentials and highlights your education, experience and expertise. Join groups related to your career interests. Opening the social media door makes it easier to network with other professionals and create opportunities to move up the healthcare ladder.

Upgrade your Education

Healthcare grows more complex each year with continued advances in technology. As a nurse, you can stay ahead of the curve by building upon your basic education. Carve out time to get an advanced degree or certification. More opportunities are continuing to want nurses with an advanced degree. Don't simply stop at being an RN. Make a push to get as much education as you can.

Broaden your Skills

Adding additional skills and certifications beyond what is required for your specialty can enhance your value as a nurse. You will be able to step in to fill a need if one should arise in an area related to those skills. If you do want to switch specialties, expanding your skill set can make you more marketable to an employer down the road.

Embrace Flexibility

Sometimes the best travel assignments are not in a place that is your first choice. Open your mind to working in a new location, a new department or even a new shift that's opposite of familiar choices. It not only helps you move seamlessly between travel assignments, but helps you leave a good impression at each place.

Take Care of Yourself

Nothing will help you reach your goals better than taking care of your body. Improve your overall fitness through daily exercise and a healthy diet. Make a plan each day to meet your fitness needs. It will give you the physical and mental energy you need for success.

Resolutions can help you find the right path as a travel nurse. These goals can help take your career in exciting new directions.

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