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Find Time to Relax While on Assignment

December 16, 2016

Finding the time to slip a little relaxation into your everyday life is essential while you are on a travel nursing assignment. When you have time to rejuvenate and revitalize, your patients benefit as well.

Below are three simple ways to reduce stress, and refresh your mind and body.

Prioritize Time to Relax

As a travel nurse, your life can become busy and overwhelming, especially if you’re working 48 hours per week. It’s important to dedicate moments every day to pause and gather your thoughts. A quick mental break can boost your efficiency, improve your mood and heighten your focus when you return to work. If you are feeling overwhelmed, find a quiet space to take a break – away from your peers, your patients, and your social media accounts. You’ll feel better and be able to better provide your patients with quality care.

Invest in Yourself

Your health and happiness is just as important as your patient’s. Investing in calming products that enhance your downtime can be a meaningful way to invest in yourself. Shops, like Lush, sell bath bombs and soothing face masks that can help you feel relaxed. If in-home spa days aren’t your thing, pamper yourself at a local massage parlor or salon. You already spend your days caring for others; make sure to care for yourself, too.

Find Friends

Sometimes the best way to relax is to have a night out (or in) with good friends. If you are on an assignment and are looking for a few like-minded individuals, sign up for friend-seeking sites like MeetUp. With groups dedicated to fitness, reading, bowling and more, you’re bound to find an event you can enjoy with new friends. After one of your shifts, you have certainly earned a few worry-free hours.

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